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Imran Khan Niazi the biggest cricketer of his generation, Pakistan biggest superstar and the world’s only Prime Minister who won the World Cup. It is a story of the Legend Imran Khan. Imran Khan had a dream childhood, only brother of four sisters, wealthy family, lots of cousin, lots of playing around along with the quality of education. Imran Khan was born in a proud family, Imran’s great-great-great-great grandfather was Haibat Khan Niazi. He was general in Sher Shah Suri’s Army. He conquered Sindh, Punjab and Kashmir. Imran khan was more influenced by his maternal family, Imran’s two maternal cousin have captained Pakistan cricket team Javeed Burki and Majid Khan.

Start of the Journey

In childhood, Imran Khan Imran had only one hobby: Kite Flying. He kept his hobby until Basant (kite flying festival) got banned. Imran’s career started Aitchison College Lahore. This is the college of Lahore’s elite, and Imran found a place in his college’s team. Aitchison is the college where Malaysia and Indonesia’s princes came to study. This is where Imran’s cricket started, and also his character started to develop, and from Aitchison he went to Oxford University. Oxford is the place where Imran’s record streak started. He did not only rise up to being Oxford’s captain. He became the first non-English Oxford captain. Even though Imran had easily gotten a place in England’s national team, but his cousin convinced him to lead Pakistan in a much bigger way than England. Finally, on June 3, 1971, Imran Khan made debut from Pakistan in Birmingham.

Rise to Fame

Imran khan was a medium pace bowler, but his attitude was serious fast bowler, he started focus on his bowling and. For this he started rigorously training, made fitness his obsession and set his diet accordingly. His effort finally paid off in 1977, Pakistan was playing against Australia and had lost in Melbourne and situation became very tough in Sydney also, but Pakistan’s cornered tiger woke up and Imran bagged a 10 wickets haul for the first time, after 6 years of his debut Imran took 5 wickets and defeated Australia in his home ground.

Return as a Champ

With Javeed Miandad’s sixer, an era started where Pakistan kept knocking India out of the gulf for nearly 10 years. 1987’s World Cup was upcoming and this tournament  was to be played in India and Pakistan. Imran Khan wanted to won this World Cup and retired from cricket but unfortunately Pakistan lost semifinal and Imran Khan retired  from cricket. In 1987, Pakistan President was General Zia-ul-Haq. He requested Imran Khan to join cricket team again and played a role in the series which had been playing between West Indies and Pakistan. In that series Imran had called man of the series. And finally in March 25, 1992 Pakistan beat England and won the World Cup. It was a big day for Pakistan, Imran Khan was face of the victory. After winning the World Cup Imran Khan retired from cricket.

Shaukat Khanam

Initially Imran Khan was not planned to lead his country as a politician, but in 1994 he opened the first specialized cancer hospital in Pakistan. Around the same time he married a British woman Jemima Gold Smith. She converted to Islam after settled in Pakistan, where he further distance her life from the west. In 1996 Imran Khan created his own party PTI(Pakistan Tahreek Insaaf). He promised himself to build an Islamic welfare state whether it cares of the poor. Imran Khan was targeted the corrupt politician and stood against Sharif’s and Butto’s. At first Khan party has a little success but in 1997 elections he won the first parliamentary seat.

But after struggle of 16 years in 2013 Khan’s party won control of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), and started working on his agenda, and positioned himself against the corrupt politicians. He retained popularity especially among the youngster Pakistani’s. He stood up against the two corrupt parties which is the Pakistan People’s Party and Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz. He was the toughest opponent against the corrupt politician’s in Pakistan. Imran Khan says Taliban’s ‘holy war’ in Afghanistan is justified by Islamic law. Khan blamed the U.S extremism in Afghanistan, particularly the drone attacks in Pakistan. This anti American sentiments affects the large part of Pakistani population. Since in August 18 Khan won the election and became the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

He fought in the corona that the World’s remember the Khan’s progress during the globally pandemic.

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Celebrating Dr. Victor Chang: A Google Doodle Tribute on His Birth Anniversary



Celebrating Dr. Victor Chang A Google Doodle Tribute on His Birth Anniversary


Early Life

Dr. Victor Chang’s journey into the medical discipline started out on November 21, 1936. His adolescence became shaped via personal instances, substantially his mother’s war with breast cancer, igniting a passion for medication from a young age.


Embarking on a course of clinical training, Dr. Chang studied medicine and surgical operation on the University of Sydney. His instructional hobbies laid the inspiration for a extremely good career in the discipline of cardiothoracic surgical procedure.

Career Trajectory

After completing his research, Dr. Chang initiated his residency education at St. Vincent’s Hospital, followed with the aid of engagements at diverse hospitals international. In 1972, he again to Australia, assuming the position of a cardiothoracic health care professional at Sydney’s St. Vincent’s Hospital.

Innovations in Cardiac Surgery

Dr. Chang’s notable contributions include the development of St. Vincent’s artificial heart valve. This groundbreaking innovation not only advanced cardiac surgery but also made life-saving procedures more globally accessible through its cost-effective design.

Landmark Surgery

In 1984, Dr. Chang achieved a widespread milestone with the aid of correctly appearing a heart transplant on Fiona Coote, a 14-year-antique Australian affected person. Coote’s next 2nd transplant years later solidified her because the longest-surviving coronary heart transplant recipient in Australia.

Recognition and Accolades

The impact of Dr. Chang’s medical advancements resonated globally, earning him nominations and awards. In 1999, he was nominated for the Australian of the Century on the People’s Choice Awards. Notably, in 1986, he received Australia’s highest honor, the ‘Companion of the Order of Australia.’

Global Healthcare Advocacy

Driven by a commitment to improving global healthcare, Dr. Chang established the Victor Chang Foundation in 1984. The foundation focuses on bringing surgeons to St. Vincent’s Hospital for advanced cardiac surgery training and awards grants to educate Southeast Asian surgeons, particularly in heart transplantation.

Legacy of Education

To honor Dr. Chang’s commitment to education, the foundation supports programs that explore innovation in cardiac surgery. This emphasis on knowledge sharing and skill development aims to shape the next generation of cardiac surgeons.

The Victor Chang Research Institute

In 1994, the Victor Chang Research Institute was founded, dedicated to cardiovascular research. The institute, named in Dr. Chang’s honor, remains committed to finding cures, preventive measures, and diagnostic tools for cardiovascular diseases.

Beyond Surgery

Dr. Victor Chang’s contributions extend beyond surgical achievements. His enduring legacy lies in his commitment to advancing medical science, exemplified through the foundation and research institute that bear his name.


As we commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr. Victor Chang, the Google Doodle stands as a fitting tribute to a visionary surgeon. His indelible mark on cardiac and transplant surgery, coupled with a dedication to global healthcare improvement, ensures that his legacy continues to inspire and save lives.

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